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Topic Ideas For Persuasive Essays: 20 Questions To Explore

Persuasive essays provide students with a great opportunity to express their personal beliefs and convince the readers they are reasonable. Such pieces of writing are less formal than argumentative papers and may rely on the author’s personal experience. That’s why choosing your own topic makes the work easier because you can defend the arguments you truly believe in and support them with examples from real life.

Smart Tips for Persuasive Essays Topics

Selecting an interesting and debatable topic for your persuasive essay is the first key to success. The most important thing about it is balance. You have to think of a controversial issue but still make sure there aren’t too many arguments against it. So try to consider opinions for and against the idea impartially.

Remember that your main objective is to persuade the reader that your opinion is strong and reliable, so choose a question you will surely be able to defend.

Narrowing the issue also ensures better chances for success. It means you should write about particular things, like an unjustified military intervention, not about the war in general. You can research a narrow issue better, which makes for more convincing arguments.

Debatable Issues to Choose from

  1. Excessive usage of social networks leads to social isolation.
  2. Pride parades for the LGBT communities are unnecessary.
  3. Calligraphy is an indispensable skill even today.
  4. Ultras fans should be banned from the stadiums.
  5. Parenting classes should be obligatory for all schoolchildren.
  6. Censorship and heavy Internet control are necessary for security reasons
  7. Keeping to your own opinion instead of following the group is always justified.
  8. Acts harmful to the environment should be punishable by law.
  9. Video games should become an internationally recognized sport.
  10. Online shopping is a step towards the degradation of society.
  11. The Spanish Inquisition was an obstacle in the global cultural development.
  12. We must fight jargon because they spoil the language.
  13. A common currency for all countries will solve many economic problems.
  14. Nuclear energy is the only way to save our planet.
  15. Journalists should never distort news to shock the audience.
  16. Men’s rights should be defended as fervently as women’s rights.
  17. Conspiracy theories are something more than myths.
  18. Music can be as effective as conventional medicine.
  19. Prejudice against civil marriage is a ridiculous vestige of the past.
  20. Vegans are doing more harm than good to their children.

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