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What Every Student Ought To Know About Essay Formats

Essay writing might not be the favorite task for students due to the monotony they have to face. It is often challenging for students to create winning assignments because they must have a good hold over the subject as well as a fair idea of the formatting and structure of the assignment. The good part however is that once you learn to format and structure your essay assignments, you can use it for the rest of your career. All of these assignments follow the same structure and it is enough for the entire academic career. Therefore, it is best that you learn the basic format and master the art of structuring your papers because it will help you throughout your educational years.

Even though different essays have different types varying from argumentative to comparative and informative to narrative, the format of these papers stays the same. The general structure of any given essay will be like following

The introduction

The first thing in your assignment is the introduction. In this paragraph, you present a clear view of your topic to the audience. After reading the title of the paper, you will see the introduction to it in the first paragraph. These first few lines are essential for the reader because they will decide whether he or she develops an interest in the subject or not. Different authors use different techniques to open their assignments like anecdotes, famous quotes, facts, assertions etc. However, each introduction must include the following

  • Opening statement
  • The first sentence or two in your assignment where you open your paper. This is to present your topic to the audience in an engaging manner

  • Thesis statement
  • Followed by the opening sentence, thesis statement aims to provide the extract of your entire scope of work and the aim of your paper.

    The body

    After the introduction, you will move to the body to explain the main content of your paper and show your major arguments. Each body paragraph in your paper accounts for one major argument supported by three or four supporting points. So each paragraph will have:

  • Major argument
  • Supporting statement

The conclusion

The last paragraph in your paper where you summarize everything you have written so far and emphasize on why and how your approach is the best for a given subject. make sure it is precise and relevant.

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