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How To Make Your 5 Paragraph Literary Essay Stand Out

Apparently, to create a 5 paragraph essay is easy. You don’t have to write too much or to make too much research, right? Well, it’s actually quite the opposite. A composition so short will be, most of the time, unnoticed. You will not put too much effort into it, so the information will not be interesting at all; even more, since you don’t have time to develop a real topic, you will write about something dull and simple. Here is how to make your text stand out even when you can’t write more than 5 paragraphs:

  • Use interesting language. And by this, I mean that you should fill your page with fun analogies and new figures of speech. This will force the reader to pay attention to the content and to focus on all those new interesting expressions. Besides, if you don’t have a very engaging topic you can at least have some engaging words.
  • Use quotations and references. As I said, you don’t have to make too much research for a short composition like this. However, if you don’t prove your knowledge your professor might think that you do not know much about the topic. To show that you are well informed, use all kind of quotations and references that are relevant to your subject.
  • Add some pictures or diagrams. Alright, you can write only one page or so, but who said that you can’t add other elements? This can serve as explanation for some ideas that you exposed, and it will make your classmates interested. Even more, it will seem like a complete project, not just a simple, short essay.
  • Be clear in everything. Don’t write long, confusing sentences; this will make any reader bored from the first lines. You need to expose your ideas in a very explicit way, so you will not waste space for nothing. Try to stay away from too many details that would keep you away from important stuff.
  • Write your personal opinion. You have to do this every time you write an essay, and it’s even more important to do it when you want your text to stand out. Your classmates will be curious to know what you think about the subject so they will listen to you carefully. Also, if your opinion is really interesting, they will form new ideas about this particular subject.

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