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Writing A Narrative Essay On Love: A Step-By-Step Guide

How does one begin to answer the question what love is? At high school level, most students have answered this question honestly, but from the disadvantage of youth and inexperience. Even so, the answer is out there. Just don’t expect to read or hear the same thing.

A leading question

Here are just a few easy steps to consider before writing a narrative essay. Begin your paper and introduction with a leading question. What is love? It is a good question, and the familiar teaching statement that there is no right or wrong answer will apply here.

Ask more questions

Do some research, and begin by asking around. Start with your parents. Take note of what they say. It should no longer surprise you that your mom and dad are both going to give you a different version of their take on love. But, don’t confine your research to the home. Ask around.

Physiological examinations

Consult your physiology study guides. Study the physiological aspects of physical love before probing further on the emotional and spiritual side of love. You will learn that there is a link between natural mating and metaphysical bonding.

No study of love is complete without reading about sexuality. Learn about how both male and female sex organs work and see how this ties up with the brain’s chemical responses.

Reading and research

You could start with the Bible. Or if you are Muslim, that’s fine too. The Qur’an will also work. In fact, most religious texts have something to say about God’s commandments on love.

Read poetry. Begin your readings with none other than William Shakespeare himself. Then try out some classical texts, such as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. These readings won’t be easy, so reading the first six chapters of Ms. Austen’s novel will be a good start.


Extend your research to Hollywood. This suggestion is not as silly as it may seem. You could begin with the magnificent film version of Pride and Prejudice, which stars Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett. Also, check out Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle and Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

Something to remember when writing

Now, you can continue with your writing. Remember where you left off? Collate your data in draft form. Write out your first draft in long hand.

The results may surprise you.

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