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The Best Way To Write A Great 1-Page Expository Essay

Expository essays are a common assignment for most students, and also a pain to write if you don’t know the right steps. If you are reading this then you likely need help with your expository homework. This kind of writing is used to show your understanding and demonstrate knowledge on a certain topic. You can’t assume that the person reading this piece knows anything about what you are discussing, so write with that in mind to explain everything fully.

Organization is a big factor in this kind of school work, and it’s very important to be clear with everything you write. Because of this, you should have a plan and stick to it. Take a few minutes to read over the instructions from your teacher and make an outline. Having this done ahead of time will shorten the time it takes for you to fill in the information you need and complete the assignment.

Tips for expository and descriptive writing

Start by using a few of the tips below for general best practices when writing a paper. You can apply these to almost any homework you need to do:

  • Don’t start at the beginning. This can often get you stuck at the introduction, not knowing what to write when you could easily jump to the middle of the writing and start there. There’s no reason to stay stuck when you can complete the other parts more easily
  • Write your first draft fast and then use the rest of the time before your deadline to edit it and make the writing better. You can even ask a friend to read it before you hand it in to make sure it makes sense and sounds good
  • Schedule your time and finish everything before the deadline. In some classes, teachers may be more relaxed about the due dates, but others are very strict, and you should get into the habit of always handing things in on time.

If you use those tips for your assignment, you will be able to write this one page essay easily. Having trouble focusing on your work is common among students, but as long as you have a workspace free from distractions, you can follow these ideas for your school work. Your writing for an expository assignment will get a good grade and the practice will help you become a better writer for future projects.

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