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Crafting An Impressive Essay About Friendship Break-Up

Writing about a personal issue is a popular type of essay assignment that middle and high-school instructors use to help students develop their skills in composition. Sometimes, however, students can have trouble coming up with specific personal details and communicating them in a well-written essay. Here is some advice on crafting an impressive paper on the topic off friendship break-up:

Brainstorm a number of ideas and a thesis

The first step is to simply sit down and brainstorm a number of ideas worth discussing in this type of writing assignment. You won’t be able to focus on too broad a topic so pick out one or two elements from your experience in friendship break-up in which to focus and craft a draft thesis to guide your central argument.

Craft a detailed outline to guide your writing

Before you set down to start writing, craft a detailed outline with all of your discussion points and supporting evidence or evidence taken from your notes. Keep your outline next to you as you write your first draft. It should keep you from straying too far off topic and can be a valuable tool in your critical thinking as you move from one discussion point to the next.

Write your first draft quickly and efficiently

This is a popular technique that allows writers to get all of their fresh ideas down in one place without feeling the pressure of having to make corrections at the risk of losing momentum and their train of thought. Aim to get this first draft done in a single sitting. You’ll be able to make corrections and fine-tune your work at a later stage.

Set your paper aside before you start to revise

Before you start to revise your first draft set your essay aside for at least a day or two so that you can return to it with a critical eye. Look for different ways of improving your paper by moving, deleting or adding content that makes the presentation of your argument more effective.

Proofread and edit the final draft of your essay

Before you submit your final paper you should spend plenty of time ensuring you proofread for errors and edited to improve your use of language. Remember, that the more clearly and concisely you present your argument the more interesting your paper will be to the reader. Don’t risk losing a letter grade by using confusing language your reader won’t appreciate.

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