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How To Write An Essay That Can Impress Your Teacher

So, you know how to write an essay. Right? But how do you write one that will truly impress your teacher? If you want to know, here’s how:

The first stage.

First off, get all the basics of good essay writing right! There’s no point in trying to excel yourself if your skills just aren’t up to scratch in the first place.

You should be able to:

  • Write in an appropriate and skillful manner.
  • Stick to the brief and make your points succinct and clear.
  • Follow all format guidelines.
  • Present appropriate and interesting source material to demonstrate you know how to research subjects properly and back up your statements.
  • Be just as proficient in writing an introduction and conclusion as you are in your body text.
  • Hold the reader’s attention.
  • Be fresh in your approach towards a subject.
  • Consider your reader.
  • Know how important revision is and be proficient at editing.
  • Proofread to an expert standard.

Those are some of the basic keys to creating a good paper. Master those and you will have already impressed your teacher. But if you want to impress even more, here’s how…

The second stage.

When it comes to re-reading your work and making changes, you need to be as objective as possible. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your essay and not take your reader into account as much as you should. The more you scrutinize your paper, the more changes you will see need to be made. It’s often the way that things can be overlooked in the first few read-throughs, which is why it’s important to read it through as many times as it takes. You should read your whole essay again and again until you have had two clear read-throughs with no mistakes.

These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself as you read:

  • Could I use a better transition between two paragraphs?
  • Is this section off topic?
  • Is this paragraph relevant?
  • Is this sentence needed?
  • Does this section flow well enough?
  • Is this part concise enough?
  • Is more detail needed in this section?
  • Could I have used a better word?
  • Have I provided correct annotations?
  • Could this quote be made shorter?
  • Is there enough information on this?
  • Is there not enough information on that?
  • Is my conclusion solid enough?
  • Have I begun the paper in a punchy enough manner?

As long as you are objective about your work and pay attention to each part in a meticulous fashion, you are bound to write a paper that will truly impress your teacher.

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