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Selecting Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics On Bullying

One of the main types of essays that you may be asked to write is the argumentative essay. The main idea behind writing this type of essay is to practice proving your point. In this type of essay, you will work to convince your reader that your side of a controversial issue is the correct side. You will need to choose an idea that has opposing views and then work to prove your side. For example, many of the children that were involved in school shootings were on medication and triggered by bullying. You can choose to support the claim that the medication was attributed to the event or refute it. Do you think that if these children were not on the medication, they would have still shot up the school?

Once you decide what stance you take on the issue, you will then come up with at least three reasons to support it. The format for this type of paper is a little different from other essays. You will need to use the same format as a five paragraph essay, but with an additional paragraph with the rebuttal. Therefore, there will be a total of four body paragraphs with an introduction and a conclusion.

When choosing a topic, there are three things that you want to keep in mind. The first is to choose a topic that interests you because it will make it so much easier to write a paper on a topic that you care about. The second is to choose a topic that you are passionate about. You want to be able to come up with some solid points to back up your claim and if you feel passionate about your topic, it will be easy to come up with at least three supporting facts. The third is that you can develop a good rebuttal. You need to present a claim that the other side has made about the subject and direct refute it. For example, you can say that it is coincidental that the shooters were on the medication. Then present a case that an alarming amount of kids who have killed parents, siblings, grandparents, and shot up schools have been on these medications. Here are some lists of other topics to write your paper on.

  1. Medication and school shootings
  2. Stricter punishment for bullies
  3. Standing up to a bully: fighting suspensions
  4. Fining parents for their kid being a bully
  5. Tolerance education in school
  6. Expelling bullies
  7. Handling your child getting bullied
  8. Effects of Say No Program

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