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Writing A Good Process Analysis Essay In 7 Steps

A process analysis essay seeks to explain a procedure to you in step-by-step stages. It also should give you background and other pertinent information. It is not hard to write, the caution lies in the fact that the task needs to be described creatively in order not to sound too stilted. Use our 7 steps in order to write a good process analysis essay.

7 Steps for Process Analysis Paper

  1. Pick the topic-select a subject that you are familiar with or one that interests you. Make sure it is a subject than can be explained in written form without diagrams or photos.
  2. Give an introductory and background overview-the first paragraph should introduce your subject, give some background, and state the purpose for this task. You want it to be creative enough to attract your audience and then to keep them reading for the entire piece.
  3. Tell the steps-as you move into the body paragraphs, you will give the steps of the task. You should make sure to have a topic sentence for each of the body paragraphs. Keep the sentences lively and informative.
  4. Use transitions and transitional phrases-you will want to use tools from moving from subject to subject. These tools are called transitions and transitional phrases. They are words like next or lastly. They smooth the movement for you. Make sure you always sue them in this essay.
  5. Define any jargon-if you use any vocabulary that is specific to the task, make sure to define the words. The jargon use should be limited and the definitions should be simple, so that you do not confuse your readers. If there are definitions in every other sentence, you will lose your audience quickly.
  6. Write the conclusion-after the body paragraphs are finished then you will need to finish with a conclusion. This should briefly re-cap the subject and restate the thesis statement using different words. Also make sure to include a universal statement in the conclusion. Do not add any new material in this piece of the paper.
  7. Proof and edit-now it is time to proof and then make your edits, so that your process analysis paper is perfect.

Use our 7 handy tips for writing a good process analysis essay. Using our 7 steps will help you to write a perfect paper for a perfect grade.

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