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How To Compose A Proper 3-Paragraph Narrative Essay Outline

While some students will simply be required to write a paper without including an outline, sometimes there will be the requirement to include this section. Essentially, the outline will give any potential readers an idea of how the work will be approached by the student, in terms of how they will write the work, and what topics that they will discuss.

Of course, when writing a three paragraph paper, there will very rarely be the requirement to include an outline. Essentially, an outline will often be used for more in-depth academic papers, such as dissertations, and other essays that are relatively long. However, there may occasionally be the need to write an outline for a three paragraph paper, particularly if one of the aims of writing the work is to develop various essay writing skills, such as writing outlines for more comprehensive papers.

If you need to write a three paragraph narrative essay outline, then you may also be wondering how to write a narrative paper. Ultimately, a narrative paper will identify a particular topic, before analysing and evaluating it in further detail.

Of course, with such a limited amount of space, there is only so much that you can do in terms of the analysing and evaluation of the topic that you are discussing. In fact, the structure of a three-paragraph paper means that you will most likely be limited to using only a single paragraph for your analysis and evaluation.

The structure of a three-paragraph paper

Most essays will follow a broadly similar structure, and that they will have some kind of introduction, followed by a body section, and lastly a conclusion. In fact, a three-paragraph paper is generally no different. Therefore, when writing a narrative outline, you will have to bear in mind that each of the paragraphs will be connected to one of the sections.

Ultimately, your outline may refer to any points that you will be bringing up in the introduction, as well as any discussions that you may include in the narrative section of the body, and to a lesser extent any points you make a conclusion.

How long should the outline be?

The outline will vary from paper to paper; however, if you are only writing a three paragraph narrative paper then your outline will not need to be very long, as there is only so much you can discuss about such a short academic paper. Therefore, you might only use two or three sentences for your outline.