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A Quick Guide On Writing A Narrative Essay On Kidnapping

If you are asked to write a narrative essay on kidnapping there are a few different steps that you should follow. No matter what aspect of kidnapping serves as the foundation for your assignment, you should make sure to utilize descriptive language. A narrative essay serves as something to describe an event and in this case that event is kidnapping. But in order for you to accurately describe a kidnapping you need to provide the reader with every possible detail associated with the event itself.

  • You should be able to answer questions such as what you saw, what you felt or thought, what you smelled, what you heard, and what you touched. In the case of the kidnapping you might hear the sounds of the screeching car or feel the rough hands of the attacker. You might hear mumbled voices and feel the rope tied around your arms. You want to provide as many details as you can so that the reader can place themselves within the event of the kidnapping and feel everything that you felt.
  • When you are writing this assignment it is best that you write something with which you are familiar. But in cases like this it is hoped that most students are not personally familiar with a kidnapping as either the kidnapper or the person conducting the kidnapping and therefore you might have to make up many of the sensory details that you use.
  • When you are writing this kind of assignment you want to use concrete language rather than abstract language. Concrete language provides, as the name would suggest, concrete details for the reader. Abstract language leaves the reader perhaps confused and unable to see the purpose or what was learned from the event in question.
  • Abstract language might say that you felt frightened. But for the readers the word frightened could mean many things. But concrete language will say that you felt beat of sweat dripping off your four head smelled heightened pheromones and you were able to feel the touch of the strong rope on your arms and your heartbeat pulsating inside of your chest. All of these concrete descriptions conjure the image of someone who is frightened but it does so in a very specific manner.
  • Overall be sure that the reader really feels as though they are there, and they were a part of the situation.

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