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Coming Up With Unique High School Persuasive Essay Ideas

The goal of a persuasive essay assignment in high school is to convince readers. You need to state your point of view and come up with solid evidence that supports your argument. The critical elements of persuasion are choosing a debatable topic, understanding your audience, composing a clear thesis, and explaining how agreeing with your perspective benefits the reader. Choosing a good idea may take a while, so consider one of the following examples to get started.

Choosing a Persuasive Essay Topic with Ease

  • Select something that you care about.
  • If you aren’t assigned a topic, pick an idea that appeals to you. Having a real opinion truly helps to create a persuasive writing because you can argue convincingly when you have an emotional connection with your subject.
  • Search for a problem that has a lot of depth and different aspects to discuss.
  • Even if you’re passionate about drinking coffee with milk, it will be difficult for you to complete your assignment on it. A complex something will make for a better subject material and, therefore, help you impress your instructor.
  • Consider possible counterarguments.
  • It makes sense to consider opposing viewpoints when you’re thinking about your options. Don’t select a position that is hard to refute; rather, come up with something that you can support effectively.
  • Keep a narrow focus.
  • Your assignment is probably short, so you should choose a topic that you can reveal in five paragraphs. You can’t adequately explore a broad idea on several pages. So, check whether your topic is manageable before you start writing.

Sample Topic Ideas for a Winning Persuasive Essay

  1. Why students shouldn’t get a job while in high school.
  2. The hardest discipline for students.
  3. Why companies should hire more young professionals.
  4. Campus security is very tough.
  5. Why free tutoring services should be allowed in the dorms.
  6. Arguments for a standardized testing system.
  7. Why students should take a gap year after high school.
  8. Counterarguments for lowering the drinking age to 18.
  9. Why individuals with tattoos and piercings should be blocked from some job positions.
  10. Reasons why teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to use credit cards.
  11. Every person needs a medical insurance.
  12. Why a local store is a better choice than a big mall.
  13. College sports lead to many injuries and should be allowed to professional athletes only.
  14. Having more free time and rest helps students get higher grades.
  15. Arguments for creating a women’s center in school.

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