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Crafting A Conclusion For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Essays are quite common in most forms of knowledge based enterprises and are introduced to most students at an early age.

From as early as preschool, most students are familiar with the basic layout of a a simple essay, a layout that will prevail into many different, more advanced essay types later on in life.

To construct a proper conclusion, one must first have the necessary supporting elements of the paper in place and well done, failure to do this will result in an en empty, or outright incorrect conclusion and this should be avoided at all costs. The following short points will outline the basics steps to take to ensure your conclusion meets with desired standards:

  1. Strong hypothesis statement
  2. This statement can be the engine behind your investigative actions and should be considered deeply before formulating one. Usually a simple declaration of fact about a particular situation, it allows the researcher to define criteria by which it will be proven true or false.

  3. Present evidence that can be verified
  4. Evidence is important, one cannot simply make claims and expect readers to accept them without any form of proof or evidence. Aside from producing evidence, you must also ensure that your methods and locations for gathering this information are acceptable by accepted educational standards. All of this ensures that when a claim is made, there is no question about the authenticity of this claim based on the argument presented.

  5. Analyze data objectively
  6. This is an acquired skill and many people do not realize their own lack of objectivity until they delve farther in the academic world. A useful tool to help you maintain objectivity can be having your paper reviewed by a peer or teacher before submitting.

  7. Present data in a way that readers are most likely to understand
  8. Data and information are indistinguishable but for one thing, the manner in which they are presented. While it is true that data and information are almost synonymous, data is often undecipherable to the untrained eye, while information can be understood by just about anyone. Using charts, graphs and any other form for visual representation will help readers to better understand the information you present.

  9. Derive your conclusion based on your results
  10. All of the above, are necessary in order to attain a worthy conclusion to any good paper. The conclusion may be the final statement, but it is only one that can be made as a result of all of the above.

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