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Tips And Tricks For Writing An Argumentative Essay On Vegetarianism

Before you can begin writing an argumentative essay on vegetarianism, you must first understand what an argumentative paper is and how to craft it. An argumentative paper is one that presents a central argument about a topic, and backs up that argument with evidence drawn from research or examples given. Vegetarianism is a great topic for this kind of paper because it is one that different people have different opinions on, and there are several different points and perspectives that you could argue. Follow these easy tips and tricks to learn how to write a top rate paper:

  • Choose an argument
  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to decide on the argument you want to use in your paper. There are so many different options for this with a topic like vegetarianism. For instance, you could argue that vegetarianism is the only way we’ll be able to feed a growing population, you could argue that vegetarianism is an unhealthy lifestyle for humans, or you could argue that vegetarianism is a personal choice and shouldn’t be pushed on anyone else. Regardless of what argument you choose, make sure that it is something you could persuade someone else of, not just an opinion that you have.

  • Come up with supporting evidence
  • The most important part of an argumentative paper is not the argument that you decide to use, it is actually the evidence that you use to support that argument. The main thing that your teacher will be grading you on is how well you lay out your argument and how well you support it with evidence. The evidence can be anything from research that you’ve found on the subject to examples that you give to support your point. Make sure that your research is relevant though, and that it successfully backs up your point.

  • Be sure to cite your evidence
  • Always be sure to cite your evidence from an outside source if you can. It will make your argument more compelling if you can show that it isn’t only you who thinks it, but that a number of published academics also think it or have supported it with their work.

  • Include a rebuttal
  • It is always good to include a rebuttal in your paper. This is a section where you take the other side of the argument and discount it directly. The rebuttal is important because it is not enough for your reader to agree with you, they must disagree with the other side.