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The Fail-Safe Formula For A Great Synthesis Essay On A Movie

Instructors want their students to learn to digest information and present it effectively. So, they ask the students to write synthesis essays. One of the most popular ideas for such an assignment is writing about a movie. If you also like this topic or it has been given to you by your teacher, you should watch a chosen movie carefully, determine the connections between different characters and their stories, and make a strong claim about the topic.

There is a fail-safe formula that you can use while working on your assignment. These guidelines will help you write a great paper:

  • Decide what type of synthesis essay you will write.
  • There are three main types of papers that you should consider. They are a review, argument synthesis, and explanatory synthesis. The review paper should contain a summary of a discussion on a chosen topic. The argument synthesis usually presents the author’s personal opinion. The explanatory paper categorizes the facts and points to help the readers draw their own conclusions.

  • Study your sources.
  • Studying your sources is an important part of the work. You should not just watch the movie, but also read the reviews, comments left by the audience, and feedback of critics. It is recommended to use at least three different sources, so you will be able to develop a strong thesis statement and provide interesting details to support it. If you have some time, it is a good idea to read more about the storyline and the characters.

  • Prepare a working thesis statement and write an outline.
  • After you have studied the sources, you can formulate the main idea of your essay. Keep in mind that you will have to revise it later when the paper is ready. An outline will help you structure the information that you have and present it in a proper manner. Most synthesis assignments are focused on supporting the main idea while the reviews and explanatory papers should discuss the ideas presented in a movie that you write about.

  • Write your assignment according to your outline.
  • Many students write an outline and then forget about it when they are writing their papers. In truth, even if you do not like your outline, try to stick to it and write your first draft using the ideas and structure as it is presented in your outline. You can make changes later if necessary. Pay special attention to the transitions between the paragraphs and be sure to write in the third person.

You should also remember to edit the essay, proofread it, and cite the materials that you used.

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