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How Do You Start A Five-Paragraph Essay: Tips From A Professional

Writing an essay may prove to be quite a challenging task at times. But following certain rules can make this writing process quite organized and well structured. One of the simplest forms of essay writing is writing 5 paragraph essays. You can simplify the process of your writing by following this easy process.

Start with an Introduction

You need to specify the subject matter of your essay in the first paragraph as an introduction to your writing. You should also include the vital points of your write-up in it. Ensure that the first paragraph interests the reader to such an extent that they want to read the remaining part. Also you should not write long paragraphs as readers may lose the interest to read at times for that reason.

2nd paragraph : Establishment of vital idea

All the major aspects should be specified in the second paragraph in such a way that it turn out to be an informative section. You can stimulate the interest of the readers by elaborating vital aspects revolving around the major idea of the writing.

3rd Paragraph: Elaborate the 2nd idea

This is your turn to elaborate the second most vital idea of the write up now on this second paragraph. You can highlight how the main idea has a connection to the second idea of the article. Overall, the major aim here is the expansion of the main point, which has been specified in the second paragraph.

4th Paragraph : Explanation of third idea

Here you need to specify the aspects which can be considered to be relatively minor aspect of the topic. You also need to mention the reason why those are of less significance, if compared to the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.

5th Paragraph : The Conclusion

Conclusion of an essay is of immense importance as here you get the scope to go for a summarization of the vital points, which you have specified in the earlier paragraphs. You need to ensure that the reader gets a clear message on the conclusion which you have drawn to the research. Your entire effort to write will remain unsuccessful if the readers are in doubt about how you concluded the same.

So an essay is successful only when it can hold the interest of the readers till the end .For sure this 5 paragraph essay writing will help you in this aspect and the success will be ultimately yours if you follow these aforesaid rules.