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The Top 15 Most Interesting Questions For A Cause And Effect Essay

Do you need to write a cause and effect essay? Are you looking for an exceptional topic that will amaze your teacher? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This helpful article contains a list of the fifteen most interesting questions for your cause and effect essay.

  1. Divorce and poor communication
  2. Does poor communication between partners in a marriage lead to divorce?

  3. Exercise and depression
  4. Does exercising regularly reduce the chances that a person will suffer from depression?

  5. Organised religion and moral behaviour
  6. Does organized religion lead to people behaving in more moral ways?

  7. Sex education and sex
  8. Does sexual education result in teenagers having their first sexual experience at a younger age?

  9. Substance abuse and child abuse
  10. Does a parent’s substance abuse increase the chance that they will abuse or neglect their children?

  11. Violence in the media and rates of violent crime

    Does society’s exposure to violence in the media, like on TV, lead to increased rates of violent crime?

  12. Mental illness and homelessness
  13. Does having a mental illness increase the likelihood that a person will be homeless at some point in their lifetime?

  14. Junk food advertising and obesity
  15. Has the increase in junk food advertising resulted in the increase in the rates of obesity?

  16. Social media and social isolation
  17. Does using social media increase a person’s chance of becoming socially isolated?

  18. Technology and learning
  19. Does the use of technology at school improve children’s ability to learn?

  20. Optimism and health
  21. Does being optimistic improve a person’s health and well being?

  22. TV and reading
  23. Did the introduction of TV lead to a reduction in the amount of time people spent reading books?

  24. Technology and childhood obesity
  25. Has the increase in the number of children using technology, like tablet computers, led to the huge increase in childhood obesity?

  26. Antibacterial products and allergies
  27. Has the huge increase in the use of antibacterial products, like soaps, lead to the enormous increase in allergies?

  28. Pets and health
  29. Does having a pet improve a person’s health and well being?

Now that you’ve spent some time reading this excellent list of topics for a cause and effect essay, you can use one of them for your paper. Or maybe they’ve helped spark an idea of your own.

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