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Tips And Tricks For Composing A Long Essay About Your Best Friend

As any teenager, you probably have a very special relationship with your best friend. You share everything, you go out together most of the time and you consider him your sibling. On the other hand, writing an essay about him is not easy. You are not sure how much you should write, if you should reveal private details and memories and so on. Besides, you want to be sure that your friend will not be upset in any way by what you wrote. To help you finish this task effortlessly, we have some tips for you:

  • Stay away from private details. It’s all right to write about that vacation that you had together, but don’t go into too much detail. There are personal stuff that you should not reveal, especially about your best friend. He trusts you, so do not disappoint him. If you want to make a good impression, you can share how you two met and what made you become close buddies.
  • Don’t be sarcastic. When you are alone with him, you can make jokes about each other or be sarcastic. However, this is not something to share in front of your class. Even if you want to be funny, not to hurt him, this will appear offending. Stay away from anything that could upset your buddy, and under any circumstance do not share your private jokes.
  • Do not mention his flaws. Of course, everyone has some defects, but you don’t have to emphasize them. Do not start to criticize him in your essay, because this is really an unforgivable thing to do. Focus on the positive things.
  • Describe him. Yes, everyone knows that he has dark hair and he is tall, but I’m not talking about this. Describe him on a more intimate level, one that only a best friend can reach. What are the best points about him? What is his greatest quality? What made you care about him? You probably don’t share this with your friend very often, so now it’s the time to start.
  • Let him read the composition before submitting it. Even when you think that everything is fine and that you did not write anything offensive, you can still miss some important things. To be sure that the essay will not upset him in any way, let him read it. He can tell you if he doesn’t want you to reveal a certain aspect.