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8 Quick Tips For Writing An Informative Essay On Gun Control

The trick in writing a great informative essay is to not present a personal opinion or argument, but instead to try to explain or inform the read on a specific topic. Therefore, when writing on gun control you shouldn’t interject your personal views – for or against – and should focus solely on providing unbiased facts that gives the reader a better understanding of the issue at hand. Here are 8 quick tips for accomplishing this the right way:

  1. Conducting Thorough Research on the Topic
  2. The first tip is that you get as much content that speaks to both sides of gun control. Look for resources that are credible such as government or academic ones found in journals or websites. Be sure to take accurate citation notes if you plan on borrowing information in your paper.

  3. Determine What Type of Informative Essay to Write
  4. There are two types of informative essays: the compare and contrast paper and the definition paper. Each one has unique qualities that separate the two and it’s up to you to determine which one fits what it is you are trying to achieve with your assignment.

  5. Choosing and Creating the Correct Outline Format
  6. Choosing the right outline is also very important. If you select to do a compare and contrast paper then you might opt for a point – counter-point method of writing. If you choose a definition paper then a point-by-point method is more appropriate.

  7. Organizing One Main Discussion Point Per Paragraph
  8. As with other writing assignments the best method for presenting an argument is limiting one main discussion point and the relevant examples or pieces of supporting evidence to each body paragraph. It can be more complicated with this kind of assignment so be sure to use your outline.

  9. Ensuring that You Remain Objective and Balanced
  10. As you write your first draft you need to keep aware of how you are presenting the information of your paper. It’s important that you remain object and balanced without giving anything that resembles a personal opinion or argument.

  11. Revising Your Entire Content for Effectiveness
  12. Set your assignment aside for a few days and return to it with a fresh mind. Reread your content and look for ways in which you can improve on the logic and overall presentation through revision. Be critical of your writing if you want to submit the best possible work.

  13. Editing Your Paper for Clear and Concise English
  14. The next tip towards writing a great paper is editing your work. When you edit consider each of your sentence constructions. They should be clear and direct. Stay away from anything that is overly complex. Use simple, recognizable words instead of long and confusing words.

  15. Proofread for Mistakes in Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
  16. The last stage is thoroughly proofreading your work, checking for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Be sure to do this at three stages – starting at the paper level, the paragraph level, and finally the sentence level.