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How To Improve Your English Essay Writing Skills: 7 Great Techniques

Essay writing ranges from the banal to methodical to sparkling. Based on that, students find the task cumbersome to irritating to liberating. You need to understand that with some effort, you can enhance your capacity to delight readers with your piece.

Here are a few techniques to help you –

  1. Read a lot – Read qualitative pieces, articles; books and you will get the drift on how to influence and impress readers. A properly made communication is much more impacting than a sword attack. You will learn how to communicate in writing.
  2. Try personal writing – When you accord a personal touch to your writing, bringing forth your strengths and follies, you become more indulgent. The mercury in your pen soars to a new temperature. There is something special about writing in first person.
  3. Try structuring – You should structure your piece fervently. The Introduction and Conclusion should do their bidding on a strong note. The meat of the work should be in the middle; with enough spread towards the two sides. This comes with practice.
  4. Improve your vocabulary – Map out words that you don’t know. Try different methods to improve vocabulary. It helps if you know different words to define a situation. Also, it helps engender raw confidence in you.
  5. Strike a balance – Be good at the balancing act. Even with topics that are clearly one-sided, you should find out good things about the darker side. This grants you an analytical eye. This also improves your writing capacity.
  6. Evaluate – Learn to evaluate situations with a clear and unbiased mind. Develop a thorough reasoning mind. You should not come to conclusion based on what you see. You should pay attention to the script between the lines as well. It helps a lot with self pieces as well as objective ones.
  7. Listen to learned fellows – You should listen to what the learned people have to say regarding essay writing and graft it into your style. You should also be amenable towards synthesizing the perspectives of others. Your writing will have gravity.

Love in the air

When you become gifted with the art, you can infuse magic even in the most common and single-layered topics. You also feel a sort of ingrained love towards the assignment. When you enjoy something, it reflects in your work.

You should also learn to revise your piece with an objective eye. Whisk off the segments that you feel makes lesser sense, even if it means doing more work. You should labor towards conjuring a work of art.