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Useful Recommendations On How To Write A Good Essay Introduction

When you write an essay, you need to understand what it demands from you. It may be a personal reflection; an objective enquiry or an expository take. It may also be the projection of an argument. You should progress only after filtering the requirement.

Coming to the point

You get the facility of Introduction to straightaway come to the premise and direct the write-up as per requirement. This is to say that the Introduction has to be emphatic, evocative and point-perfect. You can always utilize writing prompts in case of fictional or personal essays.

Here are a few writing prompts –

‘It was a chilling night when I boarded the Jaguar and decided to cruise through the scars of willow trees that framed the forest. I was tempted by fear and a greater emotion; excitement.’

‘I can still remember those eyes cutting into mine and sinking deep into my heart. She could sense my apprehensions and also make out that I was an easy victim of her smile.’

‘I never thought I would ever feel pity for a killer. There was however a clear line of arrogance in his stare that belted out of honesty. I paused to think whether things had turned out correctly.’

Cases of argument

With argumentative pieces, you can use a startling line that defines the theorem. This also belays the passionate perspective you have on the subject. Here are a few examples –

‘Intolerance can never be an issue with sane-minded people. It is a by-product of hardliners who keep stoking the communal embers and put the minority on the altar of sacrifice.’

‘Homework, in all fair assessment, is a positive trend until it is kept in manageable proportions. You cannot ask students to lose their sleep over it.’

‘Capital punishment for murder has been going on for years, but then, so has cruelty. We need to take a look at some of the fresher alternatives.’

Reflecting on yourself

With reflective pieces, it helps if you can evoke a stunning personal instance. Here is how –

‘I could never have reached this stage had I not encounter Professor Abraham in my 11th year. He didn’t change my way of looking at things, he changed my life.’

‘My fear of Math was borne out of the general pedestrian fare that my family had shared with the subject. It was important for me to realize that there is a world beyond my family.’

Please keep on the good show once you have made an excellent start.

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