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7 Tips For Creating A One-Page Essay On Bullying

Although most students find lengthy research papers and dissertations as the most challenging tasks, there is no denying of the fact that one-page essays can be just as challenging as well. This is because such papers require inclusion of a significant amount of information in a short length. Sometimes, it becomes a challenge communicating all the necessary aspects of the topic in such a short essay and this results in the student preparing an ineffective one-page draft. The following tips will help you develop a highly effective one-page essay on bullying.

Decide the Type of Essay

First of all, you should decide what type of essay you are going to write. The type may be descriptive, argumentative, cause and effect essay among other types. This is an important aspect to decide at an early stage because the overall structure of the essay depends on this decision.

Decide the Topic Beforehand

When it comes to bullying, it is a very broad topic and it has been covered numerous times before. You should focus on some specific aspect of this topic which is rarely touched however you should ensure that you can handle the topic effectively.

Perform Primary Research

Before you jump onto the writing of the draft, perform some primary research to familiarize yourself with the topic that you have picked. Without adequate preparation on the topic, you may end up producing a draft which may not deliver much value to the reader.

Introduce the Topic and Essay Structure in the Introduction

Your introduction should be small, preferably a few lines, and it should introduce the topic of the essay, which is the aspect of bullying that you are going to focus on. In addition to that, you should give the reader a general idea regarding the themes you are going to include in the body.

Present Facts and Arguments in the Body

The body of the essay should only be one or two paragraphs however this part should be used very carefully. You should communicate all the necessary facts and arguments in this part without derailing into unnecessary discussion.

Be Concise

The key to writing an effective one-page essay is conciseness. Ensure that you communicate more by using less words.

Summarize the Essay in Conclusion

You conclusion should be effective and definitive as it should give the reader a sense of completion. The reader should feel like having gained new information and knowledge at this point.

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