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The Best Way To Choose Strong Essay Topics For The Great Gatsby

There are many great works that can be used or encountered as a student progresses through their education career and one of these works is the Great Gatsby. This popular piece of writing is commonly used by instructors because of the broad themes a large amount of topics available that give students flexibility when they are given a topic about this book. When you receive this type of assignment and need to select a topic consider these tips to aid your work.

Tip One – Examine character flaws within the book

The great thing about a novel like The Great Gatsby is that it is developed around people that we can relate to which means that people have character flaws within the book. These character flaws will provide an excellent topic to develop within a written piece that will meet the requirements of the assignment you are tasked with to complete.

Tip Two – Character identities

Many great works describe the issues that a person must face when they are trying to fit in where they are not wanted. This struggle is often brought on by the character themselves when they must face a challenge or crisis within their life that they are struggling to overcome and must pretend to be someone they are not in order to survive.

Tip Three – Identify the book

Another topic that could be used for a strong essay is to develop arguments for exactly what type of writing the book truly is. The writing could discuss if it is a tragedy or a comedy and give reasons for each of these statements.

Tip Four – Identify symbols within the book

A mark of all great writing is the use of symbols within the book. If you need a topic for an assignment then consider discussing the symbols used within the book and how they help to give the book a deeper meaning and impact to the reader as a result of these symbols.

Tip Five – Descriptive wording

Review the wording used within the book and show how the use of lighting influences the end products and overall impact of the book.

No matter what topic you find of interest there are many themes to choose from so follow these tips to select the best topic you can for a written piece on The Great Gatsby.

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