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Tips For Picking The Top Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Essay writing can give you much more of an outlet for creativity than most of the other activities you will engage in as a student. This opportunity is multiplied when your paper is supposed to have a tone of persuasion. The act of convincing someone else to your way of thinking can be immensely satisfying. Here are a few tips for picking a topic that will meet all of your needs at the college level.

Decide what you feel most passionate about

This is a great idea because whatever you feel most passionate about will be easiest for you to argue. This may not be as simple as it sounds however. Some of us have many issues that are dear to our hearts. Others may be fairly indifferent to most of what goes on in the world. Spend as much time on this process as you can afford to.

Compare your views to what is topical

Having gotten a sense of what you believe, try comparing it to what is trending in the news at present. This is so that you can find a middle ground between what matters to you and what matters to the rest of the world. This is especially necessary if what you are passionate about has not been important to others lately.

Think about the process of getting sources to cite

Some ideas have been thoroughly researched and thus are very easy to back up with statistical evidence. These are a better choice for persuasive essays unless you are extremely good at making your point without evidence. You will know which camp you fall into and how to proceed as a result.

Consider the readers

The act of persuasion cannot be tied too much with what you believe. If you do not understand the people you intend to persuade you will fail. Consider their ages, social economic background and political views. All of these things can help you to decide how best to approach them if you want to sway their views.

Start brainstorming in a group

This is the part where the topic really develops. The idea of working in a group helps because you will benefit from ideas that are radically different from what you are capable of on your own. The downside to this is clear: it takes much longer to come to a consensus and sometimes you may not have that much time.