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Constructing A Strong Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Smoking is something that has been discussed over and over again. There are ads that we see every other day, and posters that try to encourage people to smoke because perhaps it feels like the in thing. It might be trendy and so forth, but by the end of the day there is only one thing that smoking does to you, it kills you, very puff you take is a day closer to the grave.

Given the prospect of writing a persuasive essay about smoking, one of the most obvious things that will perhaps be expected of you is to take a stance against smoking, and try to write a piece that encourages the smokers to quit.

It is not an easy habit to leave, but with some guidance and all the help possible, there are so many who have quit the smoke and are now living really good and clean lives. The constant worry about lung cancer and so many of the other challenges that come with smoking are dangers that you should not have to introduce into your life.

The following are some tips that will help you come up with a really good persuasive paper on smoking:

  • Choose an attractive title
  • Determine the concept of your paper
  • Use relevant studies as support

Choose an attractive title

Just as is the case with any other paper that you will have to do in the course of your studies, you must always choose a good title for your paper for you to have any chance at earning good marks. With a good title, it is really easy to get the attention of the reader, and keep them hooked on to your work.

Determine the concept of your paper

Make up your mind on what you want to write about. Smoking is indeed a wide area, and you will have to think outside the box for you to present something that will keep the attention of the reader. If you choose a wide area, you will struggle to impress. Just choose something that you can handle and stick to it.

Use relevant studies as support

There are so many studies that have already been carried out on smoking. You can use the findings from these credible studies and use them in your paper as examples. Once you are able to do that, you will have an easier time altogether.

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