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How To Write An Essay In An Hour – Suggestions From An Expert

As a rule, students who need to write an essay, suppose that it will take a lot of time. In fact, you can cope literally in an hour if you concentrate and focus on this task. Of course, if you need additional material, you will have to spend some time on collecting and organizing it. Yet, the very process of writing will hardly require too much time in case you are interested in the subject, have a couple of words about it in mind and enough reference information.

If you want to handle your assignment quickly, check out the following expert suggestions:

  1. Prepare an outline.
  2. It usually seems to be a waste of time; yet, it’s a very important step. If you don’t put down the main ideas, you will forget everything and spend more time on searching through your memory. Make sure that you use clear sentences that will not puzzle you when you read them again in the process of writing.

  3. Choose a starting point.
  4. Depending on the type of your essay, you can start at different points. If your paper is a kind of narration that speaks about your experience, a situation that happened once upon a time, or a person in general, you can start with an introduction. In case you are beginning an argumentative, compare and contrast, or cause and effect project, begin with the body. After you are through with the main research, you can move on to the introduction and conclusions. Remember that the intro should not be too long. 4-5 sentences will be enough to give your readers an idea on the contents.

  5. Stick to the structure.
  6. Done with another point from the outline, cross it out. The more order you have in your notes, the quicker you will handle the task.

  7. Go to the conclusions.
  8. Conclusions are as important as the introduction. Give them enough attention and make certain that they speak about the same things with the introductory part. There should be no new information in the conclusions, only the paraphrased goals from the intro and the results you have achieved.

  9. Check the text.
  10. Hurrying to handle the project quickly, you have surely made numerous mistakes. Spelling and grammar mistakes, typos that have not been corrected by the text editor – all this needs correction. You have three available options: put the text aside and re-read after a pause, ask somebody to read it and correct the mistakes, or use an online spellchecker.