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Writing An Amazing Descriptive Essay About The Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is in the state of Wyoming. It was established in 1872 as a national park and it was the first national park in the world. If you are asked to write a descriptive essay on this topic, you will need to follow some advice so that it ends up being an amazing paper.

The main purpose of a descriptive essay is to tell everything that there is to know about the topic. You will want to talk about the smells, sights, tastes, feel, and sounds of the park. You will try to give you the most information that you can to paint a picture in the mind of the reader so that they feel as if they are there or they visited Yellowstone National Park itself.

  1. Decide what topics to discuss
  2. There are many things about Yellowstone National Park that you can write your paper about. You can write about many of these aspects but you should concentrate on a few things so that your paper is effective. A good idea is to write a five paragraph essay and therefore write about three main attractions.

  3. Organize the details
  4. It is really important that you organize your details to make the most out of your paper. If you are talking about one feature in one paragraph, you don’t want to talk about it in two different topics.

  5. Use of descriptive words
  6. You have to use descriptive words to explain the various parts of the park. You need to describe things in the park and about the park because that is the entire focus of your paper. It is your task to explain everything there is to know about the park and what it has to offer. Pretend you are writing an encyclopedia article on the topic.

  7. Draw a logical conclusion
  8. Wrap your paper up by drawing a logical conclusion that deals with all of the things that you have learned about your topic through over the time that you were studying it. It will wrap the paper up and take a very broad topic to something very specific. What have you learned about the Yellowstone National Park?

Make sure that you edit your piece to ensure that it doesn’t contain any spelling or grammar errors. You may also want to read it through to make sure it is saying what you want it to say.