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30 Fresh Ideas For Persuasive Essay Topics 

When writing a persuasive essay, one should convince the reader to hold a certain opinion about a controversial topic. The writer should provide various arguments that either support or oppose the topic of the essay. 

It’s possible to write about anything in the persuasive essay. The most important thing is the ability to provide decent facts and use the material that you have. A good topic will be interesting not only to the author, but to the public as well. Here is a list of 30 fresh ideas for writing an interesting persuasive essay. 

  1. Do social networks worsen relations between parents and children?
  2. Can you tell that a friendship between boys and girls exists?
  3. What are the most effective ways of conflict resolution in schools?
  4. Should cigarettes be more expensive to encourage people to quit smoking?
  5. Does teamwork improve the atmosphere amongst coworkers?
  6. Do dress codes at learning institutions influence grades?
  7. Does our society depend too much on technology?
  8. Should there be a limitation on religious freedom?
  9. Do single-sex colleges offer a higher level of education?
  10. Should children be allowed to get a tattoo without parents’ permission?
  11. Should a quality college education be free for anyone who wants to study?
  12. Do social media networks have a strong impact upon the formation of people’s opinions?
  13. Would a fine for swear words decrease their use among teenagers?
  14. Do school grades accurately indicate the level of kids’ intellect?
  15. Can online courses be more effective for learning than in-person courses?
  16. Can placebo treatments be used as a substitute for real medications?
  17. Should video games have timers that control the amount of time that children spend in-game?
  18. Are people becoming dependent on their cell phones because of technological progress?
  19. Is the “selfie” phenomenon a variant of narcissistic personality disorder?
  20. Should people contribute money to research alternative energy sources?
  21. Can drug or alcohol addicts be returned to regular lives?
  22. Is it ethical to test medications on animals?
  23. Are we all addicted to something or somebody?
  24. Is digital art as important as a traditional art?
  25. Does classical music have a healing effect that gives it the ability to cure certain diseases?
  26. Does discrimination against women still exist?
  27. Do students really prepare for their future professions in college?
  28. Do fast food organizations increase the occurrence of obesity?
  29. Are vitamin supplements a suitable substitute for real fruits and vegetables?
  30. Is the morality of society slowly degrading? 

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