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Tips For Composing An Essay On Books Vs. Internet

The debate on books Vs. internet may take numerous angles. These angles include access, cost, reliability, credibility, etc. When asked to write an essay on books vs. internet, you may be faced by a dilemma. Here are tips to make your writing exercise easier and ensure that you produce the best paper.

  • Brainstorm
  • Books vs. internet is one of the youngest topics in academic writing. While books have formed part of academics since time in memorial, the internet has only gained traction in the recent years. As such, there is a lot to talk about. With so many ideas running through your head on the subject, you are required to write them down. Do not be worried about the order in which they will appear. Allow your mind to wonder and collect as many ideas as possible.

  • Identify Your Area of Focus
  • Having brainstormed on the topic Books vs. Internet, it is time to identify your area of focus. Look at the ideas generated during brainstorming and choose the one that is captivating. Go for the idea that you are more passionate about. It will inspire creativity which will strengthen your arguments. Ensure that you can get sufficient points to support your arguments on the chosen area. The choice of idea is only meant to guide your research.

  • Read as Widely as Possible
  • It is by reading that you will understand the world of books and the internet. It opens your mind on aspects of the debate that you did not know. Other authors have been writing on the subject over the years. Extensive reading will give you ideas to support your arguments in the essay. Find books and the most recent publications that support your idea or area of focus.

  • Choose a Good Topic
  • A good topic gives an indication of the position you have taken on the debate pitting books against the internet. The topic should be specific and provide boundaries that will guide your writing. Your choice of words will determine whether the reader will be interested in reading the entire paper or not. The topic should indicate an intention to give intriguing details that will make it easy for the reader to choose between books and the internet.

When writing an essay on Books vs. Internet, you need to compare and contrast the two subjects. Give the pros and cons or each as well as their similarities and differences. You may take a position at the end based on the points you have presented.