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Winning Narrative Essay Topics For Grade 8 Students

Narratives are some of the best essays that you can ever write. The reason for this is that unlike other papers, this is a task that focuses on your point of view. You get to tell a story the way you want it, and you get to give your own version of events. These papers allow you the kind of direction and perspective that you will hardly ever get when working on any of the other tasks that you can be given so far.

More often than not, the other papers restrict you to some particular direction. They restrict you to some unique style of writing, so that in the long run, you deliver the work based on a given guideline. However, when it comes to a narrative, it is open season. What matters here is how well you can tell your story, keep it articulate and ensure that you keep the reader entertained.

The following are some simple ideas that can help you write a really good essay. Remember that when delivering a narrative, the title will either interest the reader or bore them to death, so choose wisely.

  • Describe one of your most amazing possessions as a child
  • Provide a detailed description of one of your most amazing childhood shows and characters
  • Explain some important lessons that you learned when growing up
  • Describe a few things in life that you are grateful for
  • Which personal achievements have you that you are proud of?
  • Describe some of the most recent moments of happiness in your life
  • Have you ever participated in a rite of passage? Describe any, or one that you are aware of if you have not had the chance to participate in one
  • Describe some things that older generations do not understand about your generation
  • Give a detailed narrative of the structure of your family
  • Discuss any 5 things that you have accomplished together as a family
  • As a child, what is your role in the family? Describe how you go about this
  • If you were to become a teacher, describe any tips that you would use to make it easier for students to understand you
  • If you were a teacher, what can you do when the class appears to be boring and some students are clearly dozing off?
  • Describe which one of these you would love to live in, and why; the country, suburbs or the city