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Do's And Don'ts Of Writing An Essay About Family And Relationships

Different people have different views on what a family is, what it should consist of, and what family relationships are acceptable. Your view of the subject is worth general attention as well and you have a unique opportunity to share it in your essay. Make use of the following tips to create a strong paper about family and relationships.


  • Define your goal.
  • If you are not given any clear recommendations, decide on your topic yourself. For example, you may choose to convince the reader that a specific family model is the best one. Or, you may simply describe relationships in your own family and analyze why your relatives are important to you. The goal you choose to pursue will determine your essay type.

  • Understand the task.
  • Your approach to accomplishing the task will depend on the type of writing you are going to produce. If it is an argumentative or persuasive paper, do deep research on the topic and try to find striking facts, relevant numbers, and thought-provoking examples to prove your position. This is where you are allowed to appeal to the emotions of others and be somewhat opinionated. However, if you are writing an informative piece, your ideas about family and relationships should be objective and unbiased and you should look at the issue from different sides.

  • Follow the structure.
  • Whatever type of writing you work on, remember about the structure. All essays have a clear structure that should be implicitly followed. Namely, start with an introduction to hook the reader, lead into the topic, and state your thesis. Proceed to the body paragraphs that are used to present your main points about family and relationships and support them with corresponding evidence. Allow your final paragraph for a conclusion that will effectively summarize your arguments and give some food for thought.


  • Don’t write without a preliminary outline.
  • A detailed outline will help you organize your thoughts about family and relationships and provide them in the most effective order.

  • Don’t be afraid to stand out from a crowd.
  • You will only benefit from creating an original essay. Search for unique facts or look at the topic in a completely new light. If you write about your own family or describe your true relationships, don’t be afraid to be too personal. A personal slant will make your paper even more original.

  • Don’t hurt others.
  • Being personal doesn’t mean writing about the things that can hurt your family members. Expose personal facts about your relatives only upon receiving their approval.