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An Effective Way To Create An Essay On School Uniforms

If you need to create an essay on school uniforms, it would be good to remember the purpose of an essay, so you use it effectively. An essay, by definition, is a short argument either for or against something. You are presenting a case, and then asking people to take some form of action. If you are unsure on how to prepare one effectively, you can use the same skill set as in preparing for a “persuasion speech”.

3 Steps In An Effective Persuasion Speech

  • Get Their Attention- As the old saying goes, you only get once chance to make a first impression. As goes in speaking, so goes in writing. You want to peak their interest so they “want” to keep reading to see what you have to say. The best way to accomplish this is to say something that is relevant to them such as, “Uniforms are way to teach group uniformity such as Communism, which is contrary to the nature of the USA.”
  • Make Your Argument- This is your time to present your data, references from people in authority in this field, perhaps examples of others who have done what you are going to ask them to do. The key point here is to keep it simple, so people understand clearly what you are presenting. The schools that uniformity are the same who teach us about people who have expressed themselves such as, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. How can one learn to express themselves if they can’t even do it in their own school?
  • Action- #1error is just to repeat what you have already told them. You got their attention, you presented a logical case of what you want to be done and most importantly why, so now is the time to “call-them-to-action.” If parents and schools allow this shut-down of expression, then how many more “expressions” will be shut down next? Now is the time to express yourself and say something before you lose your opportunity to express yourself at all.

Don’t just tell people what you want, tell them the why. One could say the only difference between “information speech” and a “persuasion one” is that you are calling people to action, that you are asking them actually to do something (vs.) just take in information. If you learn this basic form of an active persuasion speech, you can also make an outstanding essay about school uniforms.

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