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Writing A Brilliant Problem Solution Essay On Unemployment

Problem solution essays essentially explain a difficulty, and then present a detailed plan of how that problem can be resolved. For this type of paper, good topics usually come from any problem or set of tribulations that you or others around you have often complained about. If you have ever thought to yourself that you had a better solution for something than what was actually proposed, a problem solution paper can help you organize your thoughts. Unemployment is a problem that affects so many of us across the nation. It is widely discussed and many people share a variety of ideas on how to tackle the unemployment rate and what we can do to resolve it. Because it is so hugely debated, this is a great topic for this specific type of paper. Here are some tips to help you write an amazing paper on unemployment:

  • Come up with a solution: After you have decided on a problem, in this case it may be regarding poverty or the rising rates of unemployment, you need to actually come up with a solution. This part of your paper must be reasonable and make sense; you cannot say outrageous claims as your offer to resolve the issue. List several different steps that may work towards resolving the issue. You might even want to chart your ideas so that you can more clearly look at them and pick out which of them you can most likely argue. After coming up with a few different ideas, go over each idea and see what each entails, what it would correct, how it would work, and how it would realistically be applied.
  • Outline: Once you have all aspects of your paper ready, set up an outline in which you make a skeleton paper that has all pieces of information you wish to include in your actual paper. Break up your content into an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction will be used to present the reader with the problem you are tackling. Then, you will offer various answers to that issue throughout all of the body paragraphs.
  • Acknowledge refutation: Like any other argumentative paper, you are going to have some people who oppose your proposal. Nip them before they even have a chance of arising, by acknowledging the opposition near the end of your paper. Provide objective information to emphasize your point.